Massage with Simon 🏒

A healthy mind in a healthy body



For Simon, discovering massage therapy was a revelation that he now wants to share. It enabled him to connect with his own body, to better understand its language, its needs and its general state. He believes that body and mind must be in symbiosis to maintain an overall balance.

His targeted, intuitive and personalized approach enables him to adapt to the unique needs of each individual. His aim is to offer you effective treatment with positive results.

To optimize muscular release, Simon particularly enjoys working with deep tissues and fascias.

He is convinced that massage therapy can make a real difference to well-being, and is an essential tool for change on many levels.

Simon invites you to relax on his table, refocus and ground yourself, so that you leave ready to face life's storms!

In addition to massage therapy, Simon is also a sports enthusiast.

Trust their input

Ma conjointe a adoré Simon, il est super professionnel, compétent, un des meilleurs massage de sa vie!! Ce sera mon tour la prochaine fois. Merci,

Hugo Lussier ★★★★★

Punctuality, availability, equipment, professionalism, kindness, caring, vibe, etc.... Everything was perfect.

Marie claude Blain ★★★★★

Just relax, we take care of everything!

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More than just a spa at home

More than just a spa at home

It's no easy task to find therapists who are competent, available and reliable, and who really know how to meet our specific needs.

But it should be easy!

Kicking Lotus' mission is to give you easy access to exceptional care.

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Single Massage (1 Therapist for 1 Person)

One Two
60 minutes 114 $
90 minutes 154 $
120 minutes 194 $

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One Two
2 × 60 minutes 213 $
2 × 90 minutes 293 $
2 × 120 minutes 373 $
It's even better than chocolate!

It's even better than chocolate!

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Relax regularly and save money

Relax regularly and save money

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Let us answer your questions

Will I receive a receipt for my insurance?

Absolutely! You will receive your insurance receipt by email shortly after your session.

Do I need to tip the massage therapist?

A tip is always appreciated, but not required; it is at your discretion.

Can I gift an in-home massage?

Absolutely! You can purchase gift certificates directly from the Kicking Lotus website. You can find our gift cards section in the menu at the bottom of the page.

What should I prepare for my massage therapy session?

We take care of everything, from the table to the oils and the music! You can personalise your ambiance for even more relaxation and prepare yourself by drinking lots of water.

Can I book with the same massage therapist again?

Absolutely! You can choose the time slot that suits you best, directly in the online calendar of your favourite massage therapist.

What are your payment methods?

It is possible to pay by credit card, Interac transfer or cash. A credit card is required to confirm your reservation, but you can pay after the session.