Chair massage

Chair massage

Le massage sur chaise se déroule en position assise sur une chaise ergonomique.

The chair massage takes place while seated on an ergonomic chair. It is practiced without oil and on clothes. The massage therapist will borrow several techniques from different types of massage, such as Swedish, Thai, etc. The latter normally performed on a table or on the floor will be suitable for chair work.

Chair massage is often used for events or in business, because it requires little space and preparation. A session is generally 15 to 20 min. A few minutes are enough to provide relaxation and a boost of energy.

Maneuvers such as effleurages, percussions, pressures, mobilizations, stretches and periarticular work could be employed.

For some people, especially those with reduced mobility, sitting can be an interesting and comfortable alternative to receiving a massage.

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J'ai adoré mon massage avec Bianka. C'est très agréable de recevoir les soins à domicile. Je recommande Kicking Lotus sans hésitation. Services professionnels, grande disponibilité, qualité au rendez-vous.

Stéphanie Crevier-Couture ★★★★★

Best massage in town. Excellent concept.

Olivier Choinière ★★★★★

Excellent massage, service professionnel et courtois!

Julien Plante ★★★★★

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