Massage therapy for sporty people

Massage therapy to stay active. to eliminate tension after a physical effort, leaving it to time is not the most efficient option. Massage therapy is the right thing to do, whether it is to prevent injuries or to improve muscle recovery.


What are the benefits for sporty people?

Recover from a sports injury

Whether it is plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, periostitis, a sprain, a muscle strain, etc. Massage therapy can help you get back on track and return to your activities as quickly and safely as possible.

More comfort

By doing massage therapy on a regular basis, you will have less soreness, more comfort, flexibility, range of motion, fluidity and speed in your movements. You will feel more free and ready to stay active.

Avoid the players' bench

Why not schedule a massage therapy session before the pain occurs? By releasing accumulated muscular tension in a preventive manner, it reduces the risk of injury.

Why Kicking Lotus?

Our specialized team

Our clientele is mainly composed of sporty people. Our certified massage therapists will be able to accompany and advise you.

Affordable prices and packages

We know that as an active person your massage therapy needs are often recurrent, so we thought of you. We offer advantageous packages and competitive prices.

No waste of time

By having a massage at home, less time is wasted. This is perfect for active people who usually have a busy schedule. Who has time for stressful and unnecessary travel? Our simple and efficient booking system will also save you time.

Look no further!

Trust their input

Meilleur massage thaï de ma vie. J'ai eu le privilège d'être servi par Bianka. N'hésitez pas une seconde à faire l'essai de leur service. Je referai affaires avec eux sans hésitation et j'en parle à chaque opportunité. Merci infiniment des vos suivis personnalisés et de votre service impeccable, rien de moins.

Mathieu Perron ★★★★★

Very attentive to your needs and it is obvious this is their passion. They are my go to.

Kyla Martin ★★★★★

Really enjoyed the deep tissue massage with Bianka. Pressure was as requested, I enjoy a high pressure massage and a lot of people can't massage hard enough. Bianka is very professional, exact and does an incredible job. She cares about her clients. She knows what she is doing. I believe I no longer need to search for a massage therapist, she's exactly what I'm looking for and I don't need to go out, nice bonus!

A L ★★★★★

The pros for sporty people

No need to go broke

*Plus taxes (no hidden fees)

Single Massage (1 Therapist for 1 Person)

One Two
60 minutes 114 $
90 minutes 154 $
120 minutes 194 $

Back to Back (1 Therapist for 2 People)

One Two
2 × 60 minutes 213 $
2 × 90 minutes 293 $
2 × 120 minutes 373 $

Massages for your loved ones too