Massage deep tissue

Massage deep tissue

Le massage Tissus profonds (Deep tissue) est une thérapie manuelle pratiquée généralement sans huile. Le client peut garder ses sous-vêtements ou non, il est allongé sur une table de massage et recouvert d'un drap.

The Deep Tissue massage is a manual therapy usually performed without oil. The client can keep his underwear or not, he is lying on a massage table and covered with a sheet.

This type of massage is essentially therapeutic. The movements are performed very slowly and with a certain intensity in order to release the deepest tensions. Not to be confused with a Swedish high pressure massage, There is no slippage on the tissues. Rather, they are stretched to loosen the adhesions between the different layers of muscles and fascia, which are the cause of pain and mobility restrictions.

The fact of working without oil or with a little balm, combined with the frequent use of the forearms and elbows, allows a better muscular torsion and the attack of the deepest tissues. Everything is done with respect and listening to the tissues to stay within the limits of what the patient can receive.

The Deep Tissue massage is Ideal for athletes and people suffering from chronic pain related to work, to the practice of activities, to an injury or to bad postures.

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Really enjoyed the deep tissue massage with Bianka. Pressure was as requested, I enjoy a high pressure massage and a lot of people can't massage hard enough. Bianka is very professional, exact and does an incredible job. She cares about her clients. She knows what she is doing. I believe I no longer need to search for a massage therapist, she's exactly what I'm looking for and I don't need to go out, nice bonus!

A L ★★★★★

Very attentive to your needs and it is obvious this is their passion. They are my go to.

Kyla Martin ★★★★★

Best massage in town. Excellent concept.

Olivier Choinière ★★★★★

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