Massage therapy for kids

Your kids are more active than ever, physically and mentally. Teaching them how to manage stress, be conscious of their bodies and take care of themselves from an early age is a great gift to offer them.


What are the benefits for kids?

Same benefits as adult

Children can also benefit from the well-being, stress reduction, anxiety reduction and muscle relaxation that massage therapy provides. They are exposed to both physical and psychological stress. The numerous sports activities, the desire to perform, the social pressure and a rigorous schedule are some examples.

Help with learning

Massage can reduce hyperactivity and lead to better management of stress and emotions. They will be calmer and the conditions will be favorable to concentration and learning. Massage therapy promotes deeper and more restful sleep. They will get out of bed more disposed.

Relieves growing pains

It seems that there is no evidence that children have growing pains. However, those leg pains that appear at the end of the day and in the middle of the night are very real! We know that they can be partly due to alimentary or other causes, but we also know that massage therapy can help relieve them.

Why Kicking Lotus?

Cream of the crop of massage therapists

Our certified massage therapists are experienced in taking care of children, their techniques will be adapted accordingly. They listen to your child's needs and preferences throughout the session.

No waste of time

With an at-home massage, there is no need to wait in the waiting room. You will have the choice to accompany your child during the treatment or opt for a TV show. Who has time for stressful and unnecessary travel? Our simple and efficient reservation system will also save you time.

comfortable right from start

It can be intimidating to go into a new environment. With an in-home massage, your child will be on familiar ground and will have a better predisposition to relax, especially if it is their first experience.

Look no further!

Trust their input

Kicking Lotus est une équipe formidable. J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer Bianka, Émilie et Marge et elles sont toutes trois excellentes, à l'écoute de nos besoins et efficaces.

Véronique Gagné ★★★★★

Excellents massages thérapeutiques. Approche super professionnelle et soucieuse des soins offerts et de l'effet sur nos muscles! S'adapte très bien aux particularités de chaque personne et à nos besoins de détente ou plus sportif!

Maude Bouchard ★★★★★

Super service avant, pendant et après, procédure de rendez-vous efficace et simple, massage de qualité. Je recommande à 100%

Julie St-Jean ★★★★★

Treated with kid gloves, with: