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Houda is a passionate and dedicated massage therapist. In addition to being a certified massage therapist, she is also a physiotherapy technologist. Her great interest in joint and tissue biomechanics is perceptible through her massages.

Her knowledge and skills, especially in therapeutic techniques, are aimed at reducing osteoarticular discomforts and pain related to stress and muscular tension.

She works as much in reaction as in prevention of injuries. Prevention is essential to maintain an optimal quality of life. She is also interested in other benefits of massage therapy such as immune system stimulation, good blood and lymphatic circulation and nervous system calming.

She masters a wide variety of techniques that address different aspects of the human body. She can go as gentle with a Swedish relaxation and lymphatic drainage as she can go deeper with deep tissue and fasciatherapy and tension relief technique. Her background and experience will allow her to respond specifically to your needs.

In addition to her passion for manual therapies, you may find Houda at the pool, on her bike, with a good book in hand or enjoying the scent and benefits of aromatherapy

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Massage avec Houda, bien apprécié, cette toute petite dame a de la force dans les bras pour aller en profondeur chercher les noeuds des muscles. Merci et a refaire prochainement. Fantastique de pouvoir se faire masser dans le confort de chez soi. Gros Merci a toute votre équipe.

manon ribardy ★★★★★

Superbe expérience! Excellente alternative pour un horaire chargé et massage qui a parfaitement répondu à mes attentes. Processus de réservation très facile et intuitif pour faciliter l'expérience. Je conseille à tous ceux qui veulent juste rembarquer dans leur pantoufles après un massage sans avoir à affronter le traffic, d'essayer Kicking Lotus!

Justin Forest ★★★★★

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More than just a spa at home

More than just a spa at home

It's no easy task to find therapists who are competent, available and reliable, and who really know how to meet our specific needs.

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60 minutes 114 $
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2 × 60 minutes 213 $
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It's even better than chocolate!

It's even better than chocolate!

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Relax regularly and save money

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Let us answer your questions

Will I receive a receipt for my insurance?

Absolutely! You will receive your insurance receipt by email shortly after your session.

Do I need to tip the massage therapist?

A tip is always appreciated, but not required; it is at your discretion.

Can I gift an in-home massage?

Absolutely! You can purchase gift certificates directly from the Kicking Lotus website. You can find our gift cards section in the menu at the bottom of the page.

What should I prepare for my massage therapy session?

We take care of everything, from the table to the oils and the music! You can personalise your ambiance for even more relaxation and prepare yourself by drinking lots of water.

Can I book with the same massage therapist again?

Absolutely! You can choose the time slot that suits you best, directly in the online calendar of your favourite massage therapist.

What are your payment methods?

It is possible to pay by credit card, Interac transfer or cash. A credit card is required to confirm your reservation, but you can pay after the session.