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Marge is a certified physiotherapist in Europe and began her career working in a clinic in Switzerland. She is passionate about caring for others. She has traveled the world to diversify her techniques, and learned Thai massage in Thailand. Her experience as a massage therapist and physiotherapist is recognized by the FQM.

The combination of her diversified techniques and her advanced anatomical knowledge allow her to deliver the best of herself. Whether it is for a deep tissue massage or a moment of relaxation, Marge will meet your needs in a unique and attentive manner. Her practice of Trigger points therapy, sports massage and fasciatherapy will offer you a complete treatment. It is not uncommon for you to leave with tips on how to improve your daily life!

An adventurer at heart and trilingual, she cycled from Canada to Patagonia alone in 15 months. When she is not on her bike or doing massage therapy, she can be found at her stove, creating new vegan pastries.

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Kicking Lotus est une équipe formidable. J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer Bianka, Émilie et Marge et elles sont toutes trois excellentes, à l'écoute de nos besoins et efficaces.

Véronique Gagné ★★★★★

Massage exceptionnel. Facile de reserver et tres accommodant pour nous trouver un rendez vous 2x90 min dans la semaine meme. Massotherapeutes extrêmement qualifiées. Je recommande les yeux fermés.

Vanessa Gilbert ★★★★★

I had a great experience with Kicking Lotus. I had a session with Marge, who was excellent. She has a deep background and experience. I was rejuvenated :)) I would highly recommend.

James Bell ★★★★★

It was my first time with Kicking Lotus, and I'll definitely book again. Marge was on time and super professional I recommend !

J G ★★★★★

Marge est excellente!

Katerine Dussault ★★★★★