Massage with Luisa ๐ŸŒธ

Therapeutic as needed!



Luisa's passion for massage therapy began many years ago in her native country, she is of Latin American origin. She loves to take care of others, both adults and children, and to help them find a better quality of life.

She is a graduate of the Academy of Scientific Massage and a member of the AMQ. Luisa is currently refining her Tui Na techniques with a mentor of Chinese origin. This ancient therapy focuses on the meridians to rebalance and harmonize the body's vital energy.

She has a strong interest in traditional medicine as well as in nature and art. She even has a Bachelor of Arts. These seemingly varied interests have allowed her to develop a rich relationship with massage therapy.

She loves challenges. All of her knowledge helps her to address different issues, relieve muscular tension and work in depth on chronic pain.