Massage therapy for businesses

A company that cares about its employees gives itself the best chance to succeed in business. An office massage allows you to work in a zen environment, far from psychosocial risks, and it's beneficial for the company's performance.


Why massage therapy at work?

Improves quality of work life

Making your employees feel that you value them and care about their health and well-being will keep them loyal. They will be grateful, feel important and comfortable in their work environment. It is an experience they will look forward to and want to share. It will build team spirit

Increases productivity

A massage is a moment of relaxation that reduces stress, anxiety and muscle tension. Concentration, motivation and creativity will be enhanced. Your employees will feel better and be more efficient.

Reduces absenteeism

Repetitive movements, poor work posture and accumulated tension can lead to injury. Preventive massage therapy and a few good tips can help prevent employees from taking time off work due to acute pain.

Why Kicking Lotus?

Cream of the crop of massage therapists

Our certified massage therapists have experience with a wide range of clients of all ages. They will be able to accompany and advise you. They master several techniques to better meet the needs of each individual. Each employee will receive a personalized massage.

Simple and efficient

It is a turnkey service, we take care of everything. Our massage therapists are well structured, punctual and efficient. We have also put in place tools that simplify our clients' lives, including an online scheduling system.

Tailored reservations

Employer provided, employee paid, on a table, a chair, a floor mat, 60 min, 15 min, one massage therapist, 3 massage therapists, once a week, once a year, many options are available to you. We will help you customize your booking and make the best decisions for your needs.

You are in good hands!

Also for your events and employees at home