Events massage therapy

Massage therapy at your events is a great marketing tool for your business or organization. It enhances the experience and can increase the conversion rate of potential customers or help build loyalty. This pleasant experience that provides well-being leaves them with a positive and memorable impression of your event.


Why event massage?

Benefits for all

Massage therapy is an unanimously loved activity that offers benefits for everyone. Relaxation, relief of muscular tension and pain, physical recovery, increased performance, injury prevention, stress and anxiety reduction, improved circulation, there is benefits for everyone.

Receptive mind set

Everyone comes to your event with their own worries, stresses and muscle tensions that massage therapy can ease. A massage is an opportunity to take a break and recharge your batteries. Participants will be better prepared physically and mentally to experience your event to the fullest.

Memorable and gatherer

Massages at events are festive, arouse curiosity and create desire. It is an excellent opportunity to create bonds and lasting memories. Your participants are bound to want to share their memorable experience with their loved ones and perhaps even on social networks.

Why Kicking Lotus?

Cream of the crop of massage therapists

Our certified massage therapists have experience with a wide range of clients of all ages. They will be able to take good care of your participants. They master several techniques to better meet the needs of everyone. Each participant will receive a personalized massage.

Simple and efficient

It is a turnkey service, we take care of everything. Our massage therapists are well structured, punctual and efficient. We have also put in place tools that simplify our clients' lives, including an online scheduling system.

Tailored reservations

On a table, on a chair, on a floor mat, 25 min, 15 min, one massage therapist, 5 massage therapists, many options are available to you. Don't panic, we will help you customize your booking and make the best decisions for your needs.