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Ergonomics & Telework

The era of telework is not about to end. Many companies have adjusted and even implemented hybrid work.

Since you've been working from home, have you noticed any new aches and pains? Do you tend to have discomfort in the neck, between the shoulder blades, in the lumbar region or even in the shoulder or wrist?

Massage therapy is clearly a good solution to help get rid of those nasty aches and pains. Some massage therapists will also be able to analyse your posture, suggest self-massage exercises and stretching. However, it is very important to get to the source of the problem to solve it, so that the discomfort does not return.

The first step would be to optimise the ergonomics of your workstation. We realise that many of you will not have the budget to completely re-equip with new equipment and will have to deal with sub-optimal equipment, but there are always ways to make small improvements. We offer you a practical guide to help you optimise the ergonomics of your workstation. Download the CNESST guide: (/files/guide-ergonomie.pdf)

Your massage therapist is probably not an ergonomist, but he or she will be able to help you with some adjustments if needed.