Chi Nei Tsang massage (Abdominal)

Chi Nei Tsang massage (Abdominal)


"Chi Nei Tsang (Chi, energy and Nei Tsang, internal organs) is an abdominal massage. It can be performed on a massage table or on a padded floor mat. The patient is clothed and only the abdomen is exposed. An oil or a balm will be used.

By a soft and deep touch, the massage therapist will help the internal organs to work more efficiently. Chi Nei Tsang detoxifies the body, helps the immune system to function properly and helps eliminate the various blockages accumulated in the circulatory systems. Global care acts on different systems: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, urinary and reproductive.

This is a massage for everyone, unless otherwise indicated. It is indicated for abdominal tension, heartburn, fatigue, restless sleep, migraines, menstrual pain, sexual difficulties and sensations of compressed breathing. It would also relieve chronic pain felt in the neck, shoulders, back and which can be caused by a visceral imbalance.

The effects of Chi Nei Tsang would not only be physical, they would also be psychological. "To have a knot in the stomach", "To have your breath taken away", "To have a broken heart", "To have bile", "To have a lump in the stomach" but also "To have butterflies in the stomach", ... Both positive and negative emotions find their sources in the abdomen and have an influence on our physical state.

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Kyla Martin ★★★★★

Un super concept. Prise de rendez-vous facile. Massothérapeute hyper professionnel avec une technique que j'ai apprécié. A refaire, surtout pour pouvoir simplement enfiler mon linge mou une fois le soin complété!

Jade Coulombe ★★★★★

Super service avant, pendant et après, procédure de rendez-vous efficace et simple, massage de qualité. Je recommande à 100%

Julie St-Jean ★★★★★

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